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How to Apply Basic Makeup For an Everyday Look

Makeup is like painting. The only difference is that your face will be the blank canvas and you will be using 3d mink lashes private label products to create a distinct look that screams your own unique individuality. The same kind of makeup that brings out the personality of another person may not necessarily bring out the same effect on you. So, when it comes to everyday look that is enhanced by makeup, you will need to know a few basic things that will be discussed here. Keep reading.

3d mink lashes private label
3d mink lashes private label

Ahnik Always start with a clean face. Next, apply a moisturizer cream that is designed for your skin. If your skin is extremely dry, be generous with your moisturizer. Oily skin would do best with a moisturizer that has anti-shine properties to keep the oil from ruining your 3d mink lashes private label. Once this is done, you can go ahead with concealer application on the area of your skin that has blemishes.

Next important step is foundation. Make sure that the foundation matches your skin tone. Since it’s going to be an everyday look, keep in mind to use it as needed. It is vital to let your own natural skin come through. Too much foundation will give you a caked-up appearance. Keep this in mind: less is more. Use a 3d mink lashes private label sponge to blend out the entire face. To set your concealer and foundation in place, apply loose or pressed powder.

Next, check your eyebrows for stray hairs and use tweezers or a brow razor to clean up to give your eyebrows a neater look. Use brow pencil or eye shadow of the right shade to define your brows. Now choose three colors for your eye shadow. It should have light, medium and dark tones. The dark shade is applied to line your upper lid, the medium shade is spread along the crease and the lightest color is to highlight your brow bone. Don’t forget to apply your mascara.

Now, you need to smile to apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. A lipstick that is nearest to the natural color of your lips is the best choice. To further define your lips, just add a little bit of lip gloss, and voila, you’re done!

3d mink lashes private label
3d mink lashes private label

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