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Weeding Out the Trouble Customers From Your eBay Business

Any person that has bought or sold things on eBay with any regularity has surely come across what is known as the “problem artificial mink fur eyelash” or the “bum bidder” during their time on the site. Though trouble customers are a problem everywhere, no matter the business or the product, even in the traditional brick and mortar stores, for whatever reason the Internet seems to attract these problem customers at a disproportionate rate. Whether it is a problem of non payment, driving up bids, using automated “bid spinning” software, or merely a bunch of supposed “customers” flooding your question boards with derogatory comments about your product or your business, you need to know how to deal with these problems professionally and with an even temper. Here are a few tips for dealing with problem customers plaguing your online eBay business.

artificial mink fur eyelash
artificial mink fur eyelash

Ahnik If you are ever in a disagreement with a current or former artificial mink fur eyelash, do whatever you can to keep the disagreement civil. Never lash out at them in anger, try to assuage their displeasure however you can, and do your best to keep the online discussion of your disagreement in private email. If a customer takes to your seller’s message board and begins to spam it with disparaging comments, respond only once publicly to defend yourself to your other potential customers, but never address that particular customer directly. Never get into an Internet “flame war” with a former or current customer on a public forum. It will turn off future potential customers.

One of the biggest, most prevalent problems with running a business on eBay is customers and bidders that balk on payment according to terms of the deal. Unfortunately, your artificial mink fur eyelash for recourse are few in this matter. You can either cancel their bid or order or take the next highest, hoping that they will pay, and you can threaten (and actually leave) negative feedback on the buyer, but beyond these two things, your hands are essentially tied. Unlike a brick and mortar store where a customer is physically in front of you with money, with online commerce there are many more moving parts that need to be considered. Also, keep in mind that negative feedback doesn’t affect buyers any where nearly as bad as it does sellers. One of the mistakes that many sellers make is to demand payment (even for auctions) immediately, not figuring for the exigencies of online commerce. In many respects, immediate payment simply isn’t practical online. Give the customer at least 72 hours to come up with the funds before you say or do anything. If after 72 hours you have heard nothing, give a polite reminder and WAIT at least another 24 hours. If you are interested in getting your money you need to realize online customers need to be accommodated according to the limits of the Internet. Just because it is Noon for you in Kansas, doesn’t mean your customer in Bangladesh can immediately come through with payment (in a different currency, at that.)

artificial mink fur eyelash
artificial mink fur eyelash

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