Makeup Tips for the Contact Lens Wearer

Choosing products 3D silk eyelash

When you wear contact lenses, choosing your makeup products is a little more complicated than just choosing the ones you like. You need to consider your lenses and your eyes as well as your look. But firstly, wash your hands and put your lenses in before you begin with your eyes makeup or even put on any moisturiser. This reduces the chance that the lens will brush against the makeup and carry it into the eye. Consider using a primer too before you start as these help keep the 3D silk eyelash in place.

3D silk eyelash
3D silk eyelash

Ahnik When you pick eye shadow, opt for a cream product over a powder one as these are less likely to get into your eyes. When selecting a cream product, go for water based rather than oil based products as the latter will cause more irritation if it does get into your eyes than the former.

Eye liner is a popular look for many ladies but isn’t ideal for contact lens wearers. This is because the eyeliner is applied to the waterline underneath the 3D silk eyelash and puts it very close to the lens. It also blocks the oil glands of the eyes and can make the eye dry. If eyeliner is a must, then go for pencils rather than gel or cream products which are more likely to dry and flake away.


Choosing a mascara product also requires a little consideration. For starters, avoid fibre mascaras or those products who work to extend 3D silk eyelash as these normally use micro-flakes that easily fall into the eyes. Don’t opt for a waterproof mascara as these can’t be washed out with water and can even stain contact lenses if they come into contact with them.

Aim for hypo-allergenic mascaras that are oil and fragrance free. Don’t put the product right to the root of the 3D silk eyelash so it has less chance of touching the eye and make sure there are no clumps that may fall off into the eye.

Special ranges

Many makeup companies are realising that a growing number of women wear contact lenses and want makeup that is safe to use with them. Products may be labelled as safe for contact lens wearers or ‘ophthalmologist tested’ but there should still be caution. If you are wearing makeup every day, it can be worth considering switching to daily rather than monthly lenses as this reduces the risk that the makeup contaminates the lens and causes a problem.

3D silk eyelash
3D silk eyelash

Safety first

If you think that your makeup has got onto or behind your contact lens, you should wash it off immediately. If your eyes become irritated or there is a sign of a reaction, get in touch with your optician immediately to check if any further action is needed. Better be safe than sorry!


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