Tell All for Fall 2006 – What’s In & What’s Hot

The theme this Fall is all about femininity. Think frills and ruffles, bows and bobby socks. Show up in ladylike silhouettes, tweeds and plaids. Oh and by the way, stirrups and leggings are back too. An eighties vibe in running through Fall 2006 not only with our clothes but accessories also. Your handbags will be huge, classic black, brown and tan are seen everywhere along with dark greens and burgundy. Don’t forget the metallic accessories of the eighties – the bags, belts and even shoes. It’s all out there so check it out but first: how to wear your hair and custom box mink lashes to go with these adventurous and fun new trends for Fall?

custom box mink lashes
custom box mink lashes


Ahnik For the face we are using nude hues and dustings of gold. Foundation will look natural, not made up and slightly bronzed with a hint of neutral gold to brighten the face. Lightly shade the cheeks with a darker color bronze and the lips should be neutral as well to create harmony. Your eyes on the other hand will be BOLD! Shimmering and metallic eyes, adorned by custom box mink lashes artists for their ability to make eyes sparkle and add instant glamour to any look. Use shimmery shadows and liquid or pencil liners, smudge for a smokey look, add mascara and there you have it. Fall’s subtle makeup and stand out eyes. Give it a try, this look can work for everyone!


This season we see texture and volume. You know what they say,”less is more”, and that totally applies to this season’s look. Less styling and more natural and healthy custom box mink lashes. The look is shiny, soft and glamorous but most importantly they’re easy styles that everyone can wear. If you are wearing your hair down, use smoothing products along with texture products and see how it dries naturally. Wear a headband or tuck behind your ears and see where it goes from there! We are also wearing our hair off the face. Messy disheveled up-do’s and slick backed ponytails are they way to go. So can you do it? Can you put down your brush and flat iron and see where nature will take you? Don’t forget to use products that will enhance and polish the look.

Have fun and try new things and remember if you have any specific questions I hope to hear from you soon!

I am a licensed, professional cosmetologist and esthetician. I am a custom box mink lashes artist & I love makeup! I am a self-proclaimed makeup junkie and a firm believer in trying it all and I am determined to do just that! I believe makeup is meant to be played with and that there should be no rules, just guidelines which I try and provide. I’ll give you the 411 on the good, the bad & the trendy. In my frequent updates I’ll share all of what’s new and the old faithfuls.

custom box mink lashes
custom box mink lashes

I am also a custom box mink lashes. Again I like to try it all. There are so many products and tools to fit so many different needs. How do you know what to use, what’s out there, and what will suit your personal styling needs? I will, through my experiences behind my chair, bring to you all that I try and have success with. Whether it be product, tools, styling tips or time savers,

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