For Most People, The Acceptance of Jesus As a Master Spirit Is a Foregone Conclusion

For most people, the customised eyelash box of Jesus as a Master Spirit is a foregone conclusion. Whether your religious beliefs follow that doctrine, or not, really makes no difference. I could say the same for Abraham or Moses and with the truthful approach, even the energies of Mohammad. Buddha and the Dali Lama, both past and present, have etched intelligence into millions upon millions of people about how to live a life in harmony with others and within yourself.

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Ahnik When I speak of being judgmental, I can also use that in the way many of you see yourselves when you make a mistake or feel as though you have not advanced your life as far as you wanted. Within your inner being, peace and balance, deep regrets must be cast aside if you are to feel the peace and balance. If we can look at you, from the side of spirit, as being perfect customised eyelash box of the overall Creation, why do you have such a difficult time seeing yourself in your own life in that light?

My words have come to many people in many different ways. My tone may have been softer in some instances and a little harsher in others, but my protection runs deep and clear like the beauty of the deepest lakes around the world. Sometimes they can cause an customised eyelash box where you can see to the bottom and feel as though it is only a couple of feet down, only to jump in and find out that it is dozens of feet down. Your life is very much like that too. People can only see what is on the surface. They choose not to see all the distance from top to bottom, because they do not have the wherewithal, time or knowledge to see it all until after they have cast their assumptions about a topic or a person.

Perhaps what I am trying to teach all of you is not to lash out in anger when somebody disagrees with you. Try not to lash out the same way when you have failed to reach one of your customised eyelash box. One of the greatest aspects of having a physical life is such that each new moment creates the opportunity for a new beginning. If you have made a mistake, as long as you learn from it, you should move forward. I would not tell all of you that everything done wrong is easy to forget, because that would go against the tenets of a physical life. Your soul is an energy within the confines of a body. Once you have passed back to the side of Golden Light, all of your physical mistakes will have been written into the Ecashic records. Your soul will get to review what it learned, and also what it did not learn. That gives you a chance to evolve into an even higher light. The ultimate goal for all people is to live in a vibration of joy, love, confidence and ultimate comfort-ability.

I say this for the obvious reasons, but also to assure you that one man’s hut might be equal in his customised eyelash box to another man’s mansion. From and through the eyes of the Holy One, all of you are in His mansion. You are never going to be disparaged or discouraged not to move yourself forward. We ask you not to judge who you can or cannot become friends with. Just because a person may be well-known does not mean that he or she is unapproachable. You have every right to become their friend, as did the friends they already have.

In a world where distrust, anger and improper intelligence runs customised eyelash box, the best way to change it to settle it down to become a peaceful haven for all people, is to express your love for yourself and cast it out to the Universe. This is not to entrap anyone else who is not ready to receive such a gift, but to share a level of higher vibration that protects the world from atrocities. Those who are afraid to speak up when people are truly doing hurtful things, by trying to limit the actions and successes of others, are equally at fault. This is not said so that you can become rabble-rousers, but more so to use your Light as a beacon of hope and positive action. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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