Celestine Prophesy – How To Know When The Right Business Has Crossed Your Path

Coincidence, accident or fate? Well if you have ever read the Celestine Prophesy, by James Redfield your view of permanent eyelashes cost was likely forever changed.

permanent eyelashes cost
permanent eyelashes cost

Ahnik Ever felt like speaking with someone, or seeing someone, and within a few days of that thought, either received a phone call or bumped into them somewhere?

How many times in you life have you felt that you didn’t necessarily have complete control of a situation? How about traumatized by a situation that ended up being one of the best things that ever happened to you?

Fate or Faith…..they can almost be construed as the same thing.

I have had a few personal experiences to confirm this theory. My attraction to first boys, and then men with blue eyes and dark permanent eyelashes cost always intrigued me. I wondered if it had something to do with the expression, “The eyes are the window to the soul”.

Regardless of my attraction, almost pull to this physical feature, I married a man with green eyes and lovely brown permanent eyelashes cost.

The man that I married, I met on a blind date who mutual friends had been trying to “set us up” for a few years.
Timing is critical in many situations, and was important in the first date with my husband.

I love our two children with a passion. Our children just happen to have clear, brilliant blue eyes and dark permanent eyelashes cost. Coincidence?

My second strange experience I would like to share with you, is about our family pet. She is a lovely and large, female black lab. whom we christened Serendipity, or Dippy for short. This name reflects on the way in which she crossed our path.

I have to retrace my steps slightly to explain the significance of our dog.

Three years before Dippy found us, our then family dog, Bungy, developed sudden and massive kidney failure. The cause was never discovered. It was a horrible, painful and isolating illness. Finally after days of treatment and tests the decision was made to let him go, gracefully.

While holding Bungy in my arms and my heart breaking, I told him what a unique and special dog he had been. I asked him to come back and find me, not knowing for sure where he was going. The veterinarian dispensed the medication to euthanize him.
I don’t know how to explain what happened, except that I could feel him leave.

Knowing what I had felt with conviction, I stated to the vet that Bungy had left us. He assumed that I was asking for confirmation and did just that.

As the years passed I longed for another dog, but couldn’t bring myself to actively search for one.

My response was always the same,” When the right dog comes along, I’ll know”. I didn’t expect her to come and sit on our doorstep and refuse to leave, but that is exactly what happened. We phoned and looked for her owner, but never found one. She had a collar but no tags. Her name is now Dippy.

Do I think this was a coincidence? Not on your life.

Bungy had a strange fleck in one of his permanent eyelashes cost and yup…you guessed it…so does Dippy. Strange but true…or maybe I am just strange!!!

Sometimes letting go, and going with the flow of life, is the best decision to take.

Within the past year I have been introduced to a health product, which I absolutely believe, for several reasons, was meant to.

It meets a variety of criteria, lifeskills and desires in my life and the timing for this crossing is crucial.

The wonderful thing is that not only will it change my life and already has, but it is helping people to health, wellness and abundance.
Health and helping others has been a life calling for me.
Follow your heart, trust your intuition and trust in ……..

permanent eyelashes cost
permanent eyelashes cost

Debbie is a professional homeschooler, animal advocate, spiritual seeker, alternative thinker and business owner.


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