Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

How many of you have ever prepared a meal for a large group of people and wished that you had at least one other plastic eyelash trays to help you? If you have, you can understand how Martha felt in the gospel reading we heard from Luke 10:38-42 earlier in this morning’s service.

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plastic eyelash trays

Ahnik This story takes place while Jesus and his disciples are on their way to Jerusalem and the plastic eyelash trays. Luke presumes that Jesus and the disciples will encounter listening hearts and gracious hosts. Mary and Martha represent the hospitality that Jesus and the disciples will need on their journey. When Jesus arrived in Bethany with many disciples, Martha knew she was going to have a lot of work to do. In the culture of that time, women measured their worth by how well they performed chores like cooking and cleaning. We as Christians are called on to extend hospitality both as hosts and as guests, and to fellow believers and nonbelievers alike. We are not called on to simply tolerate and endure those people who are not like us.

Every responsible person feels the burden of carrying more than his/her fair share, and Martha felt the same way. It is too much to expect that the responsible person will never feel plastic eyelash trays. The older son in the Parable of the Prodigal Son is a good example of this. We are often in situations when we have too much to do and not enough time to do it. We have trouble saying “no.” Christ did not come to encourage us to be superhumans. He came to give us an abundant life, rest, peace and joy. Our relationship with Jesus is more important than anything else in life.

Like Martha, we can be so obsessed with doing what we think we should be doing that we miss what God wants us to do. All of us face the pressures of daily lives because there is constant pressure on us to produce or succeed, especially if we are working. There are times when we have to set aside our “to do” lists so that we can spend time with God. We are to be more like Mary and less like Martha. If there is anything more important than serving Jesus, it is simply being in his presence. God wants us to learn to stop and rest once in awhile. He wants us to balance all the demands in our lives. He encourages us to ignore the distractions in our lives and concentrate on our lives with God.

Our main priority as Christians is to stay centered on Christ. One way we can do this is by searching God’s word. While Martha was busy preparing the plastic eyelash trays, Mary was busy listening to Jesus’ teachings. Our relationship with the Bible reflects our relationship with Christ’s teachings. Scripture turns the world’s logic on its head. People might think that we are being unreasonable by listening to and obeying God’s Word, but the truth is that only people who study His Word will know what reason really is. God’s course and logic will ultimately prevail.

There is a balance that has to be struck in our Christian lives. Jesus urges us to do good deeds just like Martha was doing a good deed by preparing the meal, but he also urges us to engage in kingdom work. Doing good deeds as Christians has to be balanced with citizenship in the kingdom. That citizenship can only be received by grace through faith in Christ.

Martha’s name comes from an Aramaic word meaning “plastic eyelash trays” or “mistress,” as in the “lady of the house. It describes her personality: responsible, serious and intense. Mary is the opposite. When Jesus arrived, she sat down at his feet to listen to His teaching. That position was reserved for official disciples of a teacher, and never for a woman in the culture of that time. A rabbi’s disciples sat at his feet when he taught. That was the proper place for a disciple, and since Mary was a “disciple” of Jesus, she was in the proper place. On the other hand, Martha was not in the proper place to learn from Jesus. Mary was in fellowship with Jesus, and our proper place is to be in fellowship with Jesus.

Martha is like many of us. We focus on tasks when relating to others. We are so eager to serve that sometimes we spot needs without asking and supply what is needed without thinking of plastic eyelash trays. That’s good up to a point. Without having a task-oriented temperament, our world would come to a halt, but if we pay too much attention to things that don’t matter and not enough attention to the person who matters-namely, Jesus-there is a problem. Martha had that problem, and instead of looking to herself for the solution, she lashed out at Jesus and Mary. She expected Jesus to rebuke Mary for being lazy and selfish, but Martha was the one who was rebuked for neglecting the most important thing-time with Jesus.

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There is an old saying that “where your heart is, there will be your plastic eyelash trays.” If our heart is with God, we will follow him. We will see God’s love. While Martha was preparing physical food, Jesus was offering spiritual food. Mary enjoyed this spiritual food. Her focus was on God, and in the words of Jesus, she chose the right thing to focus on.


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