Hot Colors for Cooler Days

Labor Day not only real mink eyelashes the end of the summer season, but also summer fashion as well. I’m sure you’ve heard the old fashion adage, “don’t wear white shoes after Labor Day!”. Does this same restriction apply to pink lip-gloss? What about lime green eye shadow? Always wanting to be cosmetic-ly correct, I enlisted the help of hair stylist & make up artist extraordinaire Shea-Shea Johnson co-owner of Thaanx 2 U Hair Salon. Shea-Shea’s impressive celeb list of clients include Alicia Keys, A.J Johnson, Gary Dourdan, Kellita Smith, Kerry Washington, Spike Lee & Tisha Campbell. Anyone talented enough to powder fine @(#* Gary Dourdan’s nose is definitely qualified to share beauty secrets with a want to be like me. Read on as Shea-Shea offers us some “MAC-nificent suggestions to transition beautifully into Fall.

real mink eyelashes
real mink eyelashes

Ahnik Changing Faces
Q. With cooler days ahead, I asked Shea-Shea if wearing hot, bright colors on our real mink eyelashes and lips is breaking “the rules”?
A. “Simplicity is key. I don’t follow “the rules” but I do believe in keeping it simple. If you want to wear a bright eye shadow it’s important to apply it in moderation, and make sure it is blended well. The object is to not let the eye shadow over power your face.

Fall into Beauty
Q. Can you recommend any essentials as we transition into Fall?

A. “Hydrating the skin is essential! Drinking water is the first step to having healthy, dewy skin. Also, it is important to continue to use a moisturizer that contains sunscreen. Sunscreen not only protects our faces from sun damage but also acts as a barrier against cold winter weather. So skincare first, then real mink eyelashes. For fall I prefer natural, earth tones like Samoa Silk eye shadow. Tan-Ray eye paint, Peaches blush, & Oh Baby lip glass, all by MAC Cosmetics.

Beauty Express
Q. With the end of summer also comes the beginning of school. For many moms with school age children, that can also mean less time in the bathroom. Any advice for looking polished in say 10 minutes?

A. Definitely. Starting with a clean face and groomed eyebrows.
1. Lightly dust face with a MAC SPF 15 real mink eyelashes.
(Remember the key is moderation. You don’t want to over powder)
2. Apply 2 coats of mascara.
3. Apply blush or bronzer. (Peaches by MAC works on just about every skintype)
4. Apply lipgloss. (Oh Baby by MAC works on just about every skintype)

What’s in Your Makeup Bag?
Q. Your going to be stranded on a desert island. What do you definitely pack into your real mink eyelashes bag?

A. Definicils Mascara by Lancome, Pink Freeze eyeshadow by MAC, C-Thru Lip Glass by MAC, MAC shadow brushes #’s 224, 252 & 266 and Fashion Fair Skin Treatment Program (Cleanse, Rinse, Moisturize) because it is so important to wash off your make up before bed!

Face Painting
Q. Thank you Shea-Shea. I’ve enjoyed talking “shop” with you and I’ve definitely added a few items to my beauty-shopping list. But I also need help with makeup application. Do you teach real mink eyelashes application?

real mink eyelashes
real mink eyelashes

A. I do. I give makeup consultation as well as workshops on real mink eyelashes application. I also do makeovers from head to toe, and I do make up for bridal partys, special events, etc.

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